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Origami Projects

You found one of the hidden pages on my website! While I enjoy working with electronics and such, another one of my avocations is modular origami! If you don't know what modular origami is, it is a paper folding technique that uses two or more sheets of paper to create a larger and more complex structure than would be possible using single-piece origami techniques.


As an elementary school student, I used to love single-piece origami. However, when middle school and the beginning of high school came around, I started to focus on my studies. When my high school Calculus teacher started to make her students build simple Sonobe Kusudamas, I tagged along, even though I was still in Algebra. This reignited my passion for origami and introduced me to the wonderful world of modular origami. When I realized that these Kusudamas followed the vertices and symmetry of Archimedean and Platonic Solids, my interest grew. I started discovering the wonderful works of Tomoko Fuse, Byriah Loper, Robert Lang, J.H. Chen, Xander Perrott, Aaron P, Daniel Kwan, and Khin Hooi. I have made a significant number of their works, and below are just a few of the sculptures I am most proud of.

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