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Simply put, the world of 3D printing and prototyping can be confusing. So our process aims to get you to the finish line... and beyond!

This is how it works:

Step 1: Lets Chat!

Our process starts with a conversation. This helps us understand what you want us to make. The best way to do this is to either schedule a meeting with us or fill out the form when you click the “Get Started” button. We might ask you some questions, like:

  • What are we making?

  • What color do you want?

  • What material do you want to use?

  • How will the parts be used?

  • How many units do you want?

  • When do you need everything completed by?

Step 2: Quoting and Payment

Once we understand what you need and by when, we will send you a quote for the job. If everything looks good, then you can send the payment so we can start working on your project!

Step 3: Design, Development, and Iteration

After we finish with the first digital design, we will start sending you online renderings of your designs. Your job is to tell us what needs to be improved, and what else you want. After the first iteration, we will send you 3D printed prototypes, and ask for your feedback again. We keep going like this, if necessary, until you lare happy with the digital designs and have a prototype you love in your hands. 

Step 4: Next Steps

When you’re ready, we'll happily discuss next steps, such as: printing more of your design, creating renderings for your website, creating drawings for patents, or contacting larger manufacturers on your behalf.

"Great service, always reliable, and accommodating to my timeline. Will be back for more orders."
~Ali M.

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