3Dferoze features


For any special occasion, you can hand out keychains with your logo or name engraved into it. We offer them in shapes and sizes such as ovals, rectangles, teardrops and more! The keyrings are included but please contact if you don't want them installed. We sell them in packs of 5, 10, 20, and 25.


Want a picture of your family member or friend? Well, when you ask for a lithophane, provide the photo and we will print it as soon as possible!


Need a new microphone stand? How about a custom gear for an important product you are selling in a month? If so, provide specks and information on how the product is going to be used and I'll design a custom part for you! These designs will take us longer to process and ship than other products so please order 3 weeks ahead. Let us know if you need the model in bulk.