My whole childhood has been devoted to learning more. Every week I try to start another project. Here are a few that I've finished.


3D Printing is the future of reproducing and designing objects if it's a house, a car, or a small gear, it can be printed. I am looking forward to the possibilities of 3D printing and on my youtube channel, I am exploring these new possibilities. We also run a podcast every two weeks about the community on the internet and around us. Also, we have a Discord server for any questions you may have. Over there, you can order a part, help us with videos/products, post memes, or just have conversations over shower thoughts.

  Right now, the audience we are appealing to is only in the United States, but you can change that. You can support us by looking at our products, videos, or servers. We are also working on our Patreon, where you can pay a small monthly fee for perks like discounted products, or behind the scenes of a new video.


Feroze Ali